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[ help for aging hands ] [ saddlebag thighs ] Diet and exercise can make us smaller, but they can’t really change our basic shape. “If you inherited your mother’s thighs, no amount of working out will make much of a difference,” explains Dr. Michele Koo of the Aesthetic Surgery Institute. The inner and outer thighs are the least amenable to diet and exercise, she adds. “For women with a genetic link to fat deposits in the thighs, that area will be the first to show weight gain and the last to show loss,” she says. “Removing fat cells with liposuction is 95 percent of the solution, and the only way to change the basic shape.” Liposuction can make an enormous difference in decreasing thigh circumference, Koo notes. To remedy skin laxity, a thigh lift may also be needed. “Each woman must be evaluated individually to determine the correct procedure,” she says. Resolving those stubborn fat deposits gives women the shape they want—and the confidence to wear pants and slim skirts with pride. 48 | TOWN& style | MAY 23, 2012 We tend to pamper our faces and forget about our hands. But nothing spoils a youthful look like veiny, age-splotched hands. Dr. Richard Maack, Synergi MedSpa Hand rejuvenation is very popular with our clients, who often have their hands treated at the same time as their faces. Broad- band light works well on brown spots. The bright light hits the pigment and damages it, making the body reabsorb it. It gets darker for a few days, then flakes and fades. Sometimes it takes two treatments, but it’s a great fix. For volume loss in the face and hands, we use platelet-rich plasma. The patient’s own blood platelets are injected under the skin and then massaged into the hollow places. Over two to three months, it stimulates the body to rebuild collagen, making the skin more robust and less transparent. For fast results, we use fillers, favoring Radiesse because it lasts up to a year. We inject it between the cords in the back of the hand, and then massage it to distribute it. Dr. Helen Tadjalli, Plastic Surgery International The two biggest problems women have with their hands are brown spots and the ‘skeletonized’ look that highlights bones and veins. For the brown spots, we offer skin lightening products like hydroquinone, which paired with meticulous sunscreen use, bleaches and fades spots over time. For darker and more widespread spots, we recommend a medium-depth chemical peel to slough off the epidermis, take away much of the pigment, and strengthen the dermis layer. A laser can target and spot-treat larger dark spots. For the skeleton look, we favor fat grafting. Fat is harvested from one area of the body, and injected into the areas between the tendons on the back of the hand to decrease their prominence. One session is good for most people.