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1 Photo: Kara Brennan LIVING AREAS›› First: Kohn Residence Location: Atlanta, Georgia Design Firm: Idol Design Goal: To address the on-start of 2 medical issues by creating a comfortable, spacious interior that allows for easy mobility in a stylish environment 3 Photo: Anne Matheis Second: Relaxing Family Room Location: Chesterfield Design Firm : Beautiful Rooms 1 Third: Kirkwood Bungalow Photo: Matt Harrer SPECIAL NEEDS›› First: Weisbart Special Needs Location: Olivette Design Firm: Hagan Associates Goal: To construct a sustainable and universally Photo: Anne Matheis designed new home with features that support aging in place and ensure comfort and safety to meet the clients’ needs in retirement and those of an aging family member Location: Kirkwood Design Firm: Suzanne Tullock Interiors