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COVER STORY ] BUCKINGHAM ASSET MANAGEMENT by tony di martino PHOTO: TIM PARKER PHOTOGRAPHY The approach has been successful. Buckingham now has offices in California, Texas WALL STREET CAN OFTEN SEEM LIKE A CARNIVAL MIDWAY , with shifty-eyed barkers hawking get-rich-quick investment schemes, hot stocks and and Iowa, and has expanded to include BAM Advisor Services, a strategic resource gimmicks for timing the market. But 20 years ago, a couple of certified public accountants partner for more than 140 wealth advisory firms nationwide. “We currently have $23 who didn’t believe in hocus-pocus got tired of the hype. So Bert Schweizer III, Stuart billion of collective assets under management and administration, and reach more than 17,000 families,” says CEO Adam Birenbaum. Zimmerman and their partners started a new kind “But by far our greatest reward comes from doing of financial planning and wealth management the right thing for our clients, helping them make services firm: Buckingham Asset Management. the most of their money so they can achieve their “We pledged always to put our clients first,” dreams.” The company recently rebuilt its website Schweizer recalls. “Too many financial advisers are to include interactive, customized content, and in the business of pushing products, not serving also expanded its social media presence. “Our their clients’ best interests. At Buckingham, every growth deepens our ability to serve and advise decision we make is measured against how well it clients on every aspect of their financial lives, helps our clients accomplish their goals. We give from investments, risk assessment and effective them a customized, multi-faceted, long-term plan tax strategies to insurance, charitable giving and that fits their needs and the needs of those they estate planning.” care about most. We keep them on track and help Birenbaum still quotes the career advice he them protect and build their wealth.” received 11 years ago, when he started at Buckingham Buckingham advisers don’t rely on hot tips or as an intern. “Bert Schweizer told me, ‘Add value the next big thing, Schweizer says. “We base our to your clients’ lives, and you’ll never have to worry recommendations on legitimate, peer-reviewed about making a profit.’ He was right. That’s why our financial research by leading economists.” Wall ADAM BIRENBAUM AND BERT SCHWEIZER III. Street makes money by encouraging constant buying and selling, he notes. “But the philosophy has never changed, our mission has never wavered, through good markets or record shows that owning a diversified portfolio and using a buy-and-hold strategy bad. We put clients first. We give them peace of mind and make a positive difference in outperform the majority of active stock pickers, year after year. Slow, steady, evidence- their lives—how terrific is that? Yes, we’ve experienced exceptional growth, and we hope to based investing wins the race, enabling clients to safeguard their financial future at a keep serving and educating individuals, families and organizations for many years to come. But the best is still ahead. And I think it’s pretty neat it all started here in St. Louis.” low cost and increased tax efficiency.” Ask the Expert Question: My sister just saw a doctor about facial rejuvenation and she mentioned facial implants. I thought those were used to enhance a weak chin. How can they be used for rejuvenation and are they safe? Answer: Traditionally, facial implants were used almost exclusively for facial augmentation— especially for those with a weak chin or flat cheekbones. Men often sought chin augmentation to project a stronger, more masculine appearance. In a general sense, all facial implants are used to add volume to a deficient area. In the case of a weak chin, it is a congenital loss of volume that requires correction to restore normal appearance. As we age, we lose bony and soft tissue volume throughout the face. We hear a lot about the use of filler substances to add volume to the mid-facial area and to restore the cheek bones. However, there are no permanent injectable fillers, so repeated injections are necessary to achieve the desired effect. Gregory Branham, MD Washington University Facial Plastic Surgery Center 605 Old Ballas Road, Creve Coeur 63141 f 7| (314) 996-3880 TOWN& style | JUNE 11, 2014 Unlike injectable fillers, facial implants add volume permanently. They are best thought of as an addition of bony or skeletal volume to the face. The most common forms of cheek and chin implants are solid silicone and have a very good safety profile. Once the implants become incorporated, they rarely cause problems and patients soon forget they are there. Because opting for facial implants is a big step for some patients, we often use an injectable filler that allows the patient to experience the look and feel of implants. The newer chin implants can restore a smooth contour to the jawline and enhance the upper neck. Cheek implants provide support to the mid-facial soft tissue and restore permanent volume there. When used in conjunction with facelift and resurfacing procedures, facial implants offer a distinct advantage over long term use of fillers in the appropriate patient. Your sister can talk to her facial plastic surgeon about options for facial rejuvenation. Together, she and her physician will develop a treatment plan based on her rejuvenation goals.