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[ how to shave off a decade ] [ ear pinning ] “Most people who come for an otoplasty (ear pinning) complain that their ears are too big,” says Dr. Richard Maack, medical director of Synergi Facial Surgery. “But they’re not too big; they just protrude.“ An underdeveloped fold in the ear is the most common cause, says Maack, an otolaryngologist and facial plastic surgeon. “Because the cartilage isn’t folded correctly, it doesn’t bring the ears close to the head. Ears can also protrude because of injury, such as with wrestlers, he adds. The goal of surgery is to reposition the ears and recreate the gentle, natural fold with permanent sutures that bring the ears closer to the scalp. “This is part artistic, part medical,” Maack says. Surgery is performed behind the ear, so there are no noticeable scars. It takes about one-and-a- half to two hours to perform the surgery. “Most people return to school or work within three to seven days.” Sometimes, an adult who wants an ear pinning also will ask for an earlobe reduction at the same time, he adds. “Patients should do their homework and find a surgeon who does a fair amount of these procedures before they choose one,” Maack says. “Always ask to look at their before and after pictures.” 38 | TOWN& style | february 6, 2013 Fat-grafting and new methods for injecting dermal fillers are creating waves in facial cosmetic surgery, but the tried-and-true lower face-and-neck-lift still works wonders. Dr. Judith Gurley, plastic surgeon A liquid face-lift takes less than an hour to perform and can easily erase 10 years from the face. It’s a nonsurgical, incision-free fat-grafting procedure that I perform in an operating room, so it’s safe, quick and sterile. Basically, I move facial fat around. With tiny needles, I remove excess facial fat where it is unattractive, like heavy jowls and overflowing cheeks, and inject to where it’s needed, like the nasolabial folds, those laugh lines in the face. This is not introducing a foreign substance, but using the patient’s own fat cells that have been purified and re- injected where volume is needed. I follow the procedure with a fractionated laser treatment to improve skin tone, texture and clarity. Results are subtle, but rejuvenating. Patients get comments like, Did you get your hair cut? No one will ask, What did you do to your eyes? Expect a week of downtime with some swelling, bruising and redness. Optimal results can be seen in six weeks. I advise using a board-certified surgeon for something like this. Dr. Michael Nayak, Nayak Plastic Surgery Dermal fillers haven’t changed—the way they are applied has changed, and the most exciting way to rejuvenate the face is the use of high-volume injectible fillers with a microcannula. This is a thin, hollow, flexible tube with a blunt tip that readily passes through the skin. It replaces multiple hypodermic needles to deliver dermal fillers. And because more filler can be delivered through the cannula, fewer ‘pokes’ are needed. I also use a lot more filler to build up the face, anywhere from 4 to 10 ccs. This sounds like a lot, but you need to put it into perspective: 5 ccs equals 1 teaspoon. Another procedure that can erase time is an endoscopic brow-lift. It’s amazing how elevating the brows one-fourth of an inch can improve appearance. A lower face-and- neck-lift, from temple to neck, yields the most change. It can shave 10 to 15 years from the face, but requires two to three weeks of downtime. When considering rejuvenative surgery, focus on the big picture, not the individual details.