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[ get with the program ] by sarah savat & stephanie zeilenga Looking for a diet or healthy lifestyle program that can help you achieve your weight-loss goals? Here’s what local experts have to say about some of the most popular programs. WHAT IT IS HOW IT WORKS IDEAL PROTEIN WEIGHT LOSS METHOD The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is medically designed to force the body to stay in fat-burning mode 24 hours a day to lose fat while sparing lean body mass. For a short time, dieters eat the minimum daily protein required to prevent muscle loss, and 30 grams or less of carbohydrates. By restricting carbohydrates, the body doesn’t replace its glycogen stores, resulting in more fat burn. Dieters also take fiber and are given a variety of vitamins to ensure electrolyte balance. TAKE SHAPE FOR LIFE This is used by the Johns Hopkins Hospital weight management program and includes comprehensive support from a health coach and on-call dieticians, doctors and nurses. It also features an online site and smart phone app for logging food and exercise. Take Shape for Life uses the ‘5 and 1’ program. You eat five Medifast meals per day, every two to three hours, and one meal with lean protein and vegetables. Healthy food choices are taught, as well as the impact of factors like sleep and stress on the total health picture. LEAP-MRT DIET The Lifestyle, Eating and Performance–Mediator Release Test diet helps those with food and chemical sensitivities improve chronic conditions. It treats inflammation in every organ and helps people wean themselves off chronic medications. Following a blood test to identify specific food sensitivities, clients are given a detailed nutrition program tailored to their individual needs. The diet heals the body from the inside out by boosting the immune system. SHAPE RECLAIMED This is a modified Paleo diet that teaches portion control and shows dieters which foods might create sensitivities. The diet is suited for anyone who is pre-diabetes, overweight or suffering with acid reflux, high cholesterol or joint pain. Food choices are limited to lean meat or other protein, four cups of vegetables and two pieces of fruit each day. Starchy products, including bread, cereals, potatoes and rice, are excluded, as are oils, fats and dairy products. MEDITERRANEAN DIET The Mediterranean diet is a style of eating, not for quick weight loss. It has been shown to lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes, and lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterol. There’s growing evidence that this diet also can lower risks for some cancers, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. This diet focuses on fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids, olives and olive oil, nuts, beans and legumes. Red wine can be consumed in moderation, and physical activity is encouraged. These foods are thought to decrease inflammation, which is key to the health benefits of the diet. Winora Heldmann, Theriac Health EvEry family has a story. We Want to hear yours. In celebration of St. Louis’ 250th birthday, Town & Style is compiling tales from readers about their families’ relationship to St. Louis. “ Barbara Conrad, Conrad Consulting, Inc. What brought your family here? How did they contribute to the fabric of our town? Where did they work? Did they start a business? Settle Wildwood? Build homes in Clayton? ” We want everyday stories about everyday people. Help T&S publish 250 stories in honor of St. Louis’ 250th! Email 150 words or lEss, along with an old or currEnt photo that illustratEs your story to or mail to t&s, 121 huntEr avE., stE. 201, 63124 in partnErship with ( There’s plenty of summer left - spend it at the J! Half off dues!* Fitness, Swimming, Youth and Adult Sports and much more! Laura Nichoff, R.D., Laura Nichoff Nutrition Consulting Dr. Cheryl Shea, Complete Wellness Center Katie Eliot, Saint Louis University hypnosis for weight loss // *Take 50% off dues in August, September and October when you join by August 29, 2013. Enrollment fee applies. 34 | TOWN& style | AUGUST 7, 2013 If you’ve struggled to lose weight and stick to a diet in the past, hypnosis could be the permanent solution you’ve been looking for. “Hypnosis can help you successfully harness the power that everyone holds within them to make positive, permanent changes to their own lives,” says JACKIE FOKKENS, A CERTIFIED HYPNOTHERAPIST. Diets and deprivation don’t work because they don’t address the root of the problem, according to Fokkens. “People who felt weight loss was futile before hypnosis report that their eating patterns and attitudes toward food have drastically changed,” she says. “I’ve helped many people lose 20 to 30 lbs., and more.” Fokkens says hypnosis is nothing more than the alpha state—a state of mind that we pass through as we fall asleep at night, go deep into a memory or as we watch television. “It’s not mind control, and you can’t get ‘stuck’ in hypnosis,” she adds. The hypnotist simply makes suggestions while the subject is under hypnosis, Fokkens explains. “These suggestions communicate directly with your subconscious mind, where all your automatic behavior is stored.”